Natural Remedies For Anxiety

People living with anxiety live with slight terror and are constantly pacing around everything in their life in fear that they missed a detail. It is exhausting to be hyper-vigilant for years of your life and not know that there is a better way to live. We are here to show you that slight gradual modifications of your diet can do a lot to reshuffle your personality and propel you to a consistently stable mind. How do you know you have anxiety?

  • Consistent headaches
  • Panic attacks
  • Troubled sleep
  • Inability to be in the moment and constantly fidgeting about the next small steps.
  • Inability to concentrate

The most common approach to dealing with anxiety is using medical drugs or visiting a therapist who can help us figure out the thoughts. Few people understand the connection between the body and anxiety and will often think that the only approach is directly trying to suppress the anxiety with psychotherapy solutions.

Maui Herbalist attempts to demystify the relationship between the body and our minds because there is a fair argument that nutritional interventions better remedy anxiety depression.

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety? The truth is that anxiety can occur due to an imbalance in our body, especially the gut. Dieticians have established that gut bacteria is highly crucial to brain chemistry, and the easiest way to heal our mind usually starts by healing the gut bacteria.

Connection Between Gut Health And Anxiety

The gut has a colony of bacteria lining its walls. Good bacteria provide enzymes to assist with digestion, while harmful bacteria can cause various complications, including poor immunity and a slow metabolic process.

Please think of the gut bacteria as a life force, where the bad and good are constantly fighting to dominate the body and your mind. A rise in harmful bacteria will tell your mind to get more bad foods and poor nutrition to feed off of it. The imbalance will manifest as an intense craving for sugar, hyperactivity, mood swings, disturbed thoughts, and high-stress levels. The easiest way to heal anxiety is not always to take Xanax and put your body through the worst exercise routines.

First, you need a detox plan to eliminate the harmful bacteria, and then you need to start taking foods that feed the good bacteria and shift the axis to lower anxiety, depression, and poor overall health.

How Sarah Madsen Can Help Heal Anxiety

Sarah is a Reiki and alternative medicine expert who starts the foundation of your health by looking at all your existing symptoms before recommending herbs to soothe anxiety She will start the process of remedying your anxiety by laying the basics of recovery, such as making sure you get good sleep, eat good foods and have enough physical activity to massage the gut.

Next, she will build a self-care kit that applies to your health status by suggesting a detox plan, followed by a regular intake of probiotic-rich foods to rebuild the system. A few other options outside of herbs to alleviate anxiety may include training your belly breathing, meditation, and Reiki to fill in the gaps and give you a fresh new start for your persons.

Ready to start? Book a session today to get started on the education of calming herbs or herbs for stress and anxiety.